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Idirect offers a high quality satellite link

Very steady connection at 630-650ms latency

For business and enterprices that require  large data transfers and multiple phonelines


The iDirect Series 3000   

Satellite Router

Optimized for remote internet access, the iDirect series 3000 is an ideal solution for small to medium

enterprise customers with basic remote networking needs. Able to deliver broadband access of up to 18

Mbps downstream, and 4.2 Mbps upstream, the 3000 series can support all your IP applications

remotely, including VoIP and basic Video.

iDirect’s series 3000 Remote Satellite Router is a “single box” solution that includes a satellite modem, IP

router, TCP acceleration over satellite, and QoS/prioritization in an easy to deploy, reliable design.

Service Rates available in the Kotzebue area

                   Contention ratio

                   Galaxy XR                Galaxy Xl

                         20 x 1                        40 x1

Enterprise 256Kb X 256 Kb

$     388.08

Enterprise 512Kb X 256 Kb

$     478.46

Enterprise 512Kb X 384 Kb

$     563.14

Enterprise 512Kb X 512 Kb

$     647.81

Enterprise 768Kb X 384 Kb

$     659.90

Enterprise 768Kb X 512 Kb

$     696.19

Enterprise 1 Mb X 256 Kb

       $ 349.95

$     611.52

Enterprise 1,5 Mb X 384 Kb

       $ 499.95

Enterprise 1,5 Mb X 512 Kb

       $ 599.95

Enterprise 1 Mb X 1 Mb

$  1,039.46

Enterprise 2 Mb X 512 Kb

       $ 699.85

Enterprise 1.5 Mb X 768 Kb

$     991.07

Enterprise 2 Mb X 256 Kb

$     856.67

Enterprise 2 Mb X 512 Kb

       $ 1,099.95

$  1,012.58

Enterprise 2 Mb X 768 Kb

$  1,132.19

Enterprise 2 Mb X 1 Mb

       $ 1,399.95

$  1,276.67

Enterprice 3 Mb X 1Mb

       $ 1,999.95

Enterprice 4 Mb X1 Mb

       $ 3,355.95


VoIP Commited Information Rate   $ 100.00                 $ 65.00   $  

(required for each simulatneous VoIP call)

Lower Contention ratios pricing available upon request...

For price qoute on installed system

Call 907-445-2102 or

E-mail ElectronicService@Starband.net



  Network Capacity & Streaming

19.1 BSN and the Customer will agree on the amount of capacity required for service and the best way to meet that need, whether through utilization of dedicated or shared capacity.  Various quality of service  arrangements, including a Committed Information Rate , are available that correspond to Customer™s needs and will be mutually agreed to with BSN. 

19.1.1 Dedicated capacity means that the Customer sites are served on satellite capacity which is reserved for that customer.

19.1.2 Shared capacity, means that the Customer sites are served on satellite capacity which is shared with other users and sites. Every attempt is made by BSN to insure compatibility among the various users of the capacity and from time to time capacity will be added and sites may be moved at BSN™s option in order to maintain a balanced system.


19.2Streaming means a continuous use of a channel (either outbound or inbound) in excess of BSN predetermined limits of time. The time limit depends on the streaming data rate as a percent of the maximum channel rate. The following table gives the time limits as a function of data rate:


Continuous use by one site

Maximum time allowed

Example based on 2 Mbps channel rate

50 percent or more of the channel speed

5 minutes

Over 1 Mbps

25 to 50 percent

10 minutes

> 500 kbps and < 1 Mbps

10 to 25 percent

20 minutes

> 200 kbps and < 500 kbps

5 to 10 percent

30 minutes

> 100 kbps and < 200 kbps

Under 5 percent

No limit


Customer™s usage of the channel may vary from time to time.  BSN may not enforce the above limits when overall traffic is light.  During heavy traffic, however, BSN reserves the right to rate limit customers who exceed the above limits. 

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