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SkyStream by SouthWest WindPower


$ 4999.00

Skystream Generator Land 110V or 220V 60 Hz, Split Phase.
The Skystream 3.7 is a new generation residential wind generator that hooks up to your home to reduce or eliminate your monthly electrical bill. It's the first all-inclusive wind generator (with controls and inverter built in) designed to provide quiet, clean electricity in very low winds. This makes Skystream ideal for residential homes and small businesses.

Product Details
Certification: UL (US & Canada)
Rated Capacity: 1.8 KW
Rotor: 12 feet (3.72 m); 50-325 RPM
Interconnection: Utility connected or battery charging
Alternator: Gearless, permanent magnet brushless
Voltage Output: 240 VAC (Optional 208 VAC)
Estimated Energy Production: 400 KWh per month at 12 MPH (5.4 m/s)
Weight: 170 pounds (77 kg)
Tower: Towers from 34-70 feet (10.4-21.3 m) are available; height is dependent on site
Warranty: Five year limited
Availability: Skystream is available now in North American grid (220V/60HZ), marine and battery charging versions.
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