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Solar panels have “protection diods” ,to make sure that the flow of electricity only goes one way. Some of them have 2.

Many panels have protection diods on both the negative and positive therminal.

But in different configurations only one diod, or none is needed.

Every diod have a drop potential of 0.6 volts. Removing some of the diods makes charging start a little earlier and last a little longer, so lets discuss possibillities.

This layout shows a single panel layout with one diod removed and one left . It works fine for a panel with output up to 14.5 volt

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This layout shows a stronger panel with output over 14.5 volt .At voltages higher than the battery maximum charge voltage, a regulator must be inline....

The advantage is that the blocking diod in the panel can be removed as the regulator provide blocking.

This layout shows a tripple panel connection, with removed blocking diods , as the regulator takes care of blocking.

This works only under the condition that the panels are of the same age and model and don’t get shaded.

If any damage or use have happened, the panel in question must be blocked, with a diod.

Make independant voltage measurements from time to time.

This shows a layout of 2 equal panels and one with lower voltage.