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A good Small Business Service

ViaSat Enterprice Service

Latency 650-750

       Download x Upload

Fap is max download per month

Enterprise 500Kb x 128Kb                FAP 2 Gb    monthly   $ 129.95

Enterprise 500Kb x 128Kb PRO        FAP 2 Gb    monthly   $ 159.95

Enterprise 1Mb x 256Kb                     FAP 5GB   monthly    $ 179.95

Enterprise 1.5Mb x 256Kb PRO        FAP 7Gb    monthly   $ 249.95

Enterprise 2 Mb x 384Kb                    FAP 9Gb   monthly    $ 299.95

Enterprise 3`Mb x 384Kb  PRO          FAP 12Gb monthly    $ 399.95

Enterprise 2 Mb x 512Kb                    FAP 16Gb monthly    $ 499.95

Enterprise 3Mb x 384Kb   PRO          FAP 18Gb monthly    $ 499.95

Enterprise 4Mb x 512Kb   PRO          FAP 32Gb monthly    $ 899.95

Accelenet software up to 15 users lic.

for 6 times faster surfing and download                              $ 49.95


ViaSat uses the  Linkstar modem

And the PRO Package supports VOIP with good QoS.

Works with Vonage , Simple Signal and Skype.


Installed price in the Kotzebue area

With 1.2m dish, 75’coax, wall or roof mount  $ 2295.00

For 1.8m dish add $ 650.00


For more info on this Service call 907-445-2102


 Enterprise Viasat Fair Access Policy (FAP) defined:

BROAD SKY has enhanced the traffic shaping capability of the Enterprise Satellite Managed Broadband Services satellite network offering for the United States, parts of Canada, and Puerto Rico.  Each site can be assigned a transfer allowance of bandwidth and the network will shape traffic progressively in order to ensure that the allowance is in accordance to the Fair Access Policy or FAP that is in place for the service contracted.

The traffic shaping is achieved by establishing a “rolling” monthly, daily and hourly target in accordance with the contracted rate plan. The network monitors the bandwidth that has been allocated to each site every Thirty (30) minutes and reviews the bandwidth limits as follows:

·           the site has been allocated less capacity than its monthly, daily and hourly limits. Then it will be allowed to work at maximum speed.

·           If the site has been consuming its allocated bandwidth in excess of the hourly limit during the past hour, then the site will be capped at a rate equal to the daily limit.

·           If the site exceeds the daily limit during the past Twenty-Four (24) hours, then a cap will be placed on the site to limit it further, so that it will meet the monthly limit.

At a frequency of no more than Thirty (30) minutes, the amount of bandwidth allocated to each site over the last hour, day and month will be calculated. If necessary, speed limits will be placed on the site as follows:

·           If the site has been allocated less bandwidth than its rolling monthly, daily and hourly allowances, then it will be allowed to transmit at up to the full speed of the contracted rate plan.

·           If the site has not exceeded its monthly or daily allowances, but has exceeded its hourly allowance, then it will be limited to Twenty Five (2 5%) of its contracted full speed until its hourly average drops below the allowed amount, or until the site exceeds the daily allowance.

·           If the site has exceeded its daily allowance, then it will be limited to a speed consistent with maintaining the contracted monthly allowance.

The rolling nature of the averages allows the sites to ‘recover’ if they stop demanding capacity. Sites that send traffic in occasional bursts will not notice any limit. However, sites that consistently over consume bandwidth will be subject to a progressively lower limit and will be flagged a candidate site for consideration of an upgraded rate plan. The FAP will limit content to 'appropriate' applications only. The FAP is subject to change and updated on our website for the latest details.


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